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Imagine the ability to act with clarity, heal troubled relationships, redirect career pathways and overcome debilitating anxieties and fears.

Resonance Repatterning


Resonance Repatterning®  is founded in neuroscience and ancient healing traditions. Discover unconscious blocks that keep you stuck in negative life patterns. Clear away old beliefs, behaviors that limit in your life. 

Ruby's Artwork - Colorblock


Ruby is also a celebrated artist. Her work can be seen in galleries and shops across Texas, reflecting the dance between conscious and unconscious emotion. View her past work, shop prints or commission an original piece.

“You can create the kind of life you really want.”

– Ruby C. Powell

In My Office

Located in South Austin. You do not need to have a topic in mind. Your energy field and my muscle checking will lead the session in the direction that serves your highest good.

By Phone

In the comfort of your own environment. We are all connected. Both time and space are an illusion, making phone sessions just as powerful as in-person sessions

Video Conferencing

Energy can be received and transmitted anywhere and at any time, making video conferencing a convenient option for remote sessions. A link will be provided.

House Calls

On a case-by-case basis, I am able to offer sessions within the comfort of your own home.  House calls must be arranged by call or text.


Healing and self care is truly an ongoing process. Set yourself up for success and SAVE by choosing this option. Phone, Web or In-Person Options available. Save $100 on four sessions.

Groups & Events

I provide group sessions at special events or hosted by a local business. Reach out and we can craft a group session that is powerful for all of your participants.

News & Updates

What to Expect in a Repatterning Session

What to Expect in a Repatterning Session

No two repatterning sessions are exactly alike, but the information here might help provide a better understanding of what to expect. With over 100 different protocols with varying content, a session will be customized specific to whatever issues and responses a...

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What is repatterning?

A powerful healing technique for removing unconscious beliefs that keep you stuck in unwanted life patterns. Whether it’s your confidence, troubled relationships, career or debilitating fears, Resonance Repatterning® is an evolutionary process that is transforming people. It is truly magical.

Client Testimonials

Chrissy is very detail oriented and walks you through the repatterning process thoroughly and no doubt you are gonna transform what you came in with! She is warm with a motherly energy and makes you feel relaxed with her wonderful smile and caring disposition! Truly a gifted! I’m so grateful to work with her.

Lauren J.

Austin, TX, View On Yelp

I am a visual person/thinker and to say that I was affected, that change was affected for me positively,  from one session of this energy work would be an understatement. This is powerful and gentle, consciousness raising and soothing and healing all rolled up into one. Chrissy Powell is very worth your time, energy and intention.


Austin, TX, View On Yelp

I’m so pleased with my time with Ruby. Setting the appointment was easy, the pre-session call was very valuable, and the actual session exceeded my expectations. I have had Resonance Repatterning with other practitioners, and Ruby sets herself apart by her warmth, her authenticity, and her overall energy to support the best outcome possible. Thank you, Ruby! You are a gift!

Paige V.

San Antonio, TX, View On Yelp

I went to Chrissy without specific issues to work on, I simply wanted to experience Resonance Repatterning. Chrissy provides a warm, nurturing environment in which to open up and heal. It’s also quite obvious that she is a skilled practitioner. She has numerous books that she quickly utilizes during the session, as well as crystals and essential oils. My experience with her was very positive and I would definitely recommend her.

Heather R.

Austin, TX, View On Yelp

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