I first heard about Rubys talents through a friend, and finally decided to reach out to her when I was having some professional challenges I couldn’t work through on my own. I’m so glad I did! She tuned into powerful emotions and memories I didn’t realize I was still carrying around, helping me not only unpack them but also empower myself to move beyond them. I felt a huge shift after just one session (others picked up on it, too). Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift, Ruby!

Was one of THE best experiences….highly recommend. Definitely will do another.Ā  Thank you.

I don’t know how Resonance Repatterning managed to change my life but it certainly did! A lifelong issue is no longer the heavy burden it had been. Chrissy Powell’s ability to change or clear my energy resulted quickly in changed behaviors by a loved one with whom I have struggled daily. My encounters previously were jarringly strewn with daggers and I now witness her pausing and giving thought, resulting in mindful, kinder words. I hope you will let Ruby unblock barriers in your life!

There are truly magical arts afoot with Resonance Repatterning Healing Arts. I am too calm, mellow and pain-free at the moment to be able to make much verbal sense. But decades of therapy, counseling, workshops and more have never had such an immediate healing power as one magical Resonance Repatterning session with Ruby Christine.

I was overwhelmed with what came up in just one session. Chrissy was able to focus in on unique aspects of my life that I needed to bear witness to, that I needed to acknowledge, in order to move forward and away from the energy that was holding me back. The session left me aware of what I had to face, but with fresh new eyes, that were not blurred with old ways of seeing.