When I attended my first session with Ruby, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I understood the concept of “repatterning” old beliefs, or removing things that get in the way of living your life fully, but that only scratches the surface of what repatterning is! My experience was incredible! One of the things she repatterened me for involved insecurities connecting with people. Before the session, I wasn’t able to connect with people around me and most of it was because I didn’t want to, which was due to my insecurities and being protective of myself.   However, I longed for friendships and community. Well, almost immediately after the session (and it intensified as time went on) connecting with people became natural. I found myself saying and doing things that felt natural but in the moment I would think, “Where did that come from?” or “How am I enjoying meeting this person without all of the negative mental chatter?” And, people were naturally more drawn to me! It seemed that I didn’t have to put effort in at times.  Doors started opening, situations started changing all due to the new connections I was making with people in my life.  Now, my life is moving in a direction I have wanted for quite a few years now. This was only after 3 sessions.  The best part of working with Ruby is that she is caring and handles your heart with gentleness. The session itself is easy but some of the topics can be intense. She was always there allowing me the space that I needed to allow the process the work.  It is INCREDIBLE.  I am always excited to receive another session!