Resonance Repatterning®

Founded in neuroscience and ancient healing traditions, Resonance Repatterning®  uses your own subconscious to discover unconscious blocks that keep you stuck in unwanted life patterns, a process designed to clear away old beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that create limitations in your life. 
Much of what holds you back originates from subconscious patterns (or programming) which took place early in your life.  These subconscious patterns interfere with your ability to create the happiness, abundance, fulfillment, love and health that you desire.
Repatterning works by bringing these subconscious patterns into your consciousness so they can be addressed and cleared, allowing you to move easily and naturally towards a state of what we call coherence.
Coherence, as defined in Resonance Repatterning, is a greater balance, aliveness, harmony, and alignment with your goals.
To create this coherence, the practitioner will access client input through the use of muscle checking or kinesiology, where the practitioner selects healing modalities which empower the client to move past their limiting patterns and create positive change in any area of their life.
This process can be used on its own and also complements many other kinds of personal growth, healing, coaching and therapy work.
Repatterning is based on the idea that everything has a vibration (resonance), and that what we resonate with is what we will experience.
These principles are not at all new. In fact, these ideas have been taught in ancient cultures and practices for thousands of years.  What is new is that the ideas are now being validated through scientific research in Quantum Physics. 

Repatterning can increase your capacity for:

• Career Success
• Meeting Your Challenges
• Living Your Love
• Enjoying Your Life’s Vision