No two repatterning sessions are exactly alike, but the information here might help provide a better understanding of what to expect.

With over 100 different protocols with varying content, a session will be customized specific to whatever issues and responses a client brings to the session. An average session takes 60-90 minutes, however there are some which take more or less time.

Attending a session with Ruby is like having a good talk with a close friend. As you discuss what you wish to achieve, Ruby checks your resonance through a muscle checking technique that helps her identify, both consciously and unconsciously, what keeps you in limiting patterns, from not manifesting a goal, or what will help you maintain a happy and successful life.

For example, she may help you identify old beliefs and feelings associated with a specific childhood experience that also relates to your current situation. After initial  information is gathered, you will participate in one or more methods designed to shift your frequencies from non-coherence to coherence.

There are hundreds of methods used by RR practitioners, including guided visualization, sound, color, movement, breathing patterns, essential oils, flower essences, and energetic contact.

At the end of a session, many people report a tangible energetic shift and leave feeling peaceful and light. The problems they brought to the session seem less intense or even non-existent. Clients report that later they are much less or not at all reactive to situations that previously caused them distress or anger, and they can respond with more relaxed objectivity.

Fears turn into courage & confidence.
Anger to compassion and joy.