A History of Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning®, originally called Holographic Repatterning, was founded by Chloe Faith Wordsworth in the early 90’s. She spent over 25 years studying and practicing various healing systems, such as Reiki, polarity and sound vibration therapy and Acupuncture, before developing this magical process.

Chloe discovered that through repatterning, she could access a person’s individual needs and send them on a path of restoration. We can create change by changing our frequency.

Sessions are spirit led and work well in person or long distance via video calling. Chloe developed Resonance Repatterning® on the principles of Quantum Physics. Time and space is an illusion.

Chloe believes that we do not need a magic fix to life’s woes, whether they’re marriage troubles, job concerns, or personal issues, but instead a witness to those things. Ruby C. Powell is honored to be able to stand in the gap and help to repattern the painful areas of your life.

We are wired for wellness and the vitality of life. When you change what you resonate with, you change your life. 

Chloe Wordsworth